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Why Finding Your Purpose Will Help Your Recovery

Sometimes being a teenager and deciding what you want to do when you grow up can seem confusing as well as unattainable. Now that you are sober and have completed treatment, you may be even more disconcerted with what your next steps should be and what your purpose truly is. While sobriety may seem dull at first, if you keep going your purpose will be become more apparent as time continues to march on. At first, you make think that you have nothing to offer because of the shame and guilt that you are facing. Continue growing in your recovery program and more shall be revealed. Some people after becoming sober have battled with the purpose that has been laid out for them to achieve because that is not what they envisioned for themselves. Do not be discouraged if this is happening to you. You will be blessed immensely if you keep moving in the right direction. What you should realize is that your purpose is tied into your Higher Power. If you have not accepted a relationship with your Higher Power, then your purpose may not be clear to you just yet. Keep trying to get the connection to seek the clarity you need on what you should do moving forward. Although you may feel impatient on the indication that you are expecting, the message will become loud and clear if you let go of control with what you want and let your Higher Power do the rest. Since you came into recovery, you have probably put together a spiritual toolkit that you may have cast aside to only use when you are desperately down and out. The tools that you have acquired in recovery will be beneficial in helping you find your purpose. Use those tools as a means of action to not only keep you on track in your sobriety but help move you closer to your Higher Power and your purpose. While you were using drugs and alcohol, your purpose was to numb out of life so that you did not have to deal with the truth of what was really going on. Taking the same energy you put into drugs and alcohol now into recovery, will give you a better opportunity to find the purpose that were meant to have knowing that your purpose will continue to evolve with each today of your sobriety.

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