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Why Has the Teenage Pregnancy Rate Decreased?

Since the 1990's, the teenage pregnancy rates have steadily continued to decline. The newest generation, Gen Z, who make up the adolescent population, have continued to show lower statistics than ever when it comes to teen pregnancy. Consistent data has been compiled over the years to gain statistics that show how many teen females from the ages of 14-19 have given birth. In 2015, there were 22 births per 1000 females in this age group. This statistic has dropped 8 percent from 2014 and 42 percent since 2007 according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Not that anyone is complaining, but there have been questions as to why the numbers have continuously fallen. The CDC strongly believes that teens are using contraceptives for birth control more frequently and have become a more abstinent generation of teens. The prevalence of abstinence in Gen Z has increased for a few possible reasons that have made them hold off from having sexual intimacy with a partner.  

Screen time

Gen Z is a generation that is highly reliant on technology to pass their time. Instead of driving or wanting to hang out with friends, Gen Z'ers would rather be online than in person. With more time on their devices, there is less time they are interested in pursuing sexual relationships.  

Study time

More teens are studying in a culture of adults that are overworking and have the obsession to make something with their career which may be otherwise failing. After watching their parents, Gen Z'ers are considered to be go-getters who aspire to be entrepreneurial successes.

Dating time

With apps like Tinder and Bumble in full effect, there are not as many people who go out on traditional dates as often. This is just another example of how social interaction through dating has diminished over the years. This new model of dating has given teenagers a different perspective on how to start relationships. With pictures as the first impression, looking for potential dates has put physical appearance above getting to know the person's personality.

Medication time

Teenagers in larger numbers have begun to take antidepressants to relieve the symptoms of depression. Antidepressants are known to kill the sexual urges that normally happen to teenagers who have recently discovered their hormones.   The sexual behaviors that are typically associated with teenagers seem to be less of an interest with this generation. While parents may be happy with these statistics that lower teen pregnancy, some of these factors that caused the decrease may be a whole other cause for concern.

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