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Why is Self-awareness Important for Teens?

Teenagers no doubt ask questions about themselves to themselves on a regular basis. This age group is likely to be in the mindset of trying to figure out who they are as they continue to expand their mental and physical capabilities. Questioning what they want for their life, why they are feeling the way they do, what makes them unique, and if others like them are pretty standard questions that teenagers, especially those in high school, start to reflect on. Once they begin to get answers, they begin to start reveling in self-awareness that could be a key factor in their future endeavors. Living in such a busy world can keep teens from processing all the necessary information and skills they need to understand for self-reflection. To become self-aware means that a teenager would better recognize how their characteristics will benefit them, the way their values define them, and the manner their beliefs can influence their goals. When a teen i becoming more independent, it is important they are self-aware to plan for their future, figure out what their emotions mean, and to make good decisions. You can be instrumental in the developing their self-awareness by doing a few significant suggestions.

Point out their positive attributes.

Tell them when they are doing something beneficial. The rule of thumb is that for every criticism you make you will need to offer up with around a hundred compliments. Most people remember the negative comments more than the positive ones. Although they can certainly learn from their mistakes, it is all in how you present it to them that counts.

E is for Encouragement.

There may be times that you may not comprehend what it is that your teen is doing but as long as they are not hurting anyone you should stimulate their journey. Guide them with all the reassurance you can muster to energize them to become their own unique entity.

Teach them coping skills

Life can be difficult without having a way to contend with each day. By getting through life using the coping mechanisms that will allow them to endure with their stress and anxiety, they can really see their inner strength to show the amount of self-awareness that they actually have.   A teen's self-awareness will continue to establish over time and you can be a motivator to help them build on what they already have. The early they start getting to know themselves better, the more confident and well-rounded they will become.

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