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Why it is Actually Cool to be Sober

You know what is really lame? Having someone offer you a drink or drug, you say no, and they continue to keep pressuring you. Yes, you know you should just say no. Your parents have probably ingrained that into you since before you started walking. This situation, however, can seem impossible because you think you will get a good buzz, you think you will get to party, and you think you will look cool - for a while anyways. Just to be clear, teens do not typically drink to enjoy the hops in the beer or appreciate the tannins in wine. In fact, you may have to Google what those words mean. Teens use drugs and alcohol to get wasted as quickly as possible to keep from getting caught underage drinking or drugging by the police or by their parents. What happens next is usually not a pretty sight. After binging some drinks or some taking some hits, you turn into a completely different person and start making a fool out of yourself with slowed motor skills, puking, or passing out. Ever wake up with Sharpie all over your face? Sobriety actually makes you much cooler than what you think and here are some reasons why.

Nobody likes beggar

You are young and getting drugs and alcohol can prove to be difficult at times. Finding money and people who can provide these things for you can be hit and miss. If you are fiending for drugs and alcohol and get desperate, you can really start to get on people's nerves. Being sober cancels out your urgency to get the drugs and alcohol you will need to fill the void.

You can remember everything

When you do not drink or use you are less likely to have to piece your degrading memories together the next day. Instead you can wake up knowing what you did the day before without doing the walk of shame until you are filled in by your friends. No demoralizing photos or videos will turn up on social media because you did nothing under the influence that can get documented by you just staying sober.

Respect is earned

Although you may have done some things in your past that may be sketchy and shady, when you get sober and stay sober, people notice. Not only do they notice, but they start to admire your efforts in recovery. The friends that you get drunk and high with may deem you as a loser, but you can feel awesome that you did something with your life instead of having a constant hangover and lacking motivation to accomplish anything but staying inebriated. Be proud of your sobriety. Staying sober is way cooler than the alternatives that you will ridiculously face getting faded.

If you or an adolescent you know needs to get help for drug or alcohol abuse, Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center can give you the guidance that you deserve. Establishing a strong network of family and community can reinforce practices for living substance free.

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