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Why Should I Stay Sober on Halloween?

This Halloween may be a really scary holiday for you. Since you are now sober and wanting to hang with your friends who are not, you may be haunted with deciding if you want to stay sober. Trying to imagine yourself not partying with your friends seems lame, but there are some really good reasons on why you should stay sober this year.      

The Silence of the Lambs

Have you ever made a fool of yourself when you were drunk or high? Most people do although you do not have to this Halloween. Let others make ghouls of themselves while you sit back and observe. You will be thankful that you are sober when you see how others act and look when they are abusing substances.

Night of the Living Dead

When you are intoxicated you might keep going until you pass out. At some point you probably become a zombie when you are blacked out with inebriation. There will be no forgetting what happened with your Halloween if you remain drug and alcohol-free this year.

The Exorcist

Drugs and alcohol are poison to the body especially in excess. Once you get past the point of no return with using, drinking, or suffering with withdrawals, you may find yourself getting sick. By maintaining sobriety, you will not find your head spinning or puking copious amounts of fluids from the abundance of drugs or spirits you consumed.

The Shining

You may have had times where you felt like you were going crazy by being too wasted. These are the times that you may actually be out-of-your-mind. By choosing sobriety you can also chose to be in recovery which help you to resolve the issues that actually make you feel insane which is what led you to drink and drug in the first place.

A Nightmare on Elm Street     

Having an addiction becomes a never-ending chaotic cycle. Although you may not live on Elm Street, you can certainly understand the nightmare that drugs and alcohol have brought to your life. You do not have to live like that anymore and you can stay sober on Halloween to keep that nightmare from reoccurring. Just like you take your sobriety one day at a time, take each Halloween as it comes. At least give yourself a chance to see how others act when they are under the influence and you may choose to dress up with your sobriety armor for continued protection from a demonic addiction.

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