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Why Should I Support My Teen When They Do Not Want It?

Teenagers usually repel at the thought of their parents being in their life. With their new sense of independence, most teenagers think they know everything and do not want to be told what to do. Add substance abuse to that equation and you will most likely find a teen who does not want their parent to interfere with what they are doing in the least. Unfortunately, there will come a time when you as the parent will have to step in or the ramifications of what they are doing will catch up with them. Jails, institutions, or death are the most common conclusions to an addiction. In order to limit these consequences, you may need to get treatment for your teenager. If they are dodging your assistance and they are underage, you must do something to help especially if they are under your supervision. They may bewail any help that you are offering them, but you need to realize that this is not really them. The response you are receiving is from their addiction trying to tell them that without drugs and alcohol their life is incomplete. Regardless of what they are saying, you should continue to support their recovery because they really do need your strength.

Get a mentor

Your teen may be appalled at you helping them, so you may have to encourage them to find someone else to talk to. A sponsor, another person in recovery who is a teen, a teacher they respect, a coach, a pastor, a trusted friend, a sibling, or anyone that they can openly talk about getting sober with is important. Do not get offended that it is not you because the main focus is to get the person who can point them in the right direction.

Keep up the faith

You may feel like you are too overwhelmed to keep moving forward with their disrespectful attitude but remember that these things take time. If you give up, they just might too and then where would you be? Find some of your own recovery tools such as mediation, journaling, or going to therapy so you can better yourself in the sometimes-grueling process of addiction recovery. You may feel like your teen is pushing you out and they might be. Since you are the parent, you will have to let the disdain roll off your back and give you the push you need to guide them into the direction of getting sober.

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