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Why Teens Should Share Their Experiences with Substance Abuse

Many people who have struggled with substance use may be unable to see a reason why they should share their harrowing experiences with others. They may feel misunderstood, ashamed or embarrassed to admit their deepest and darkest secrets to someone who could pass judgment on them. Someone who needs to get high or drunk and will go to any lengths to do so may feel that telling others about those escapades can be downright degrading. The plan is to take those secrets to the grave without disclosing them to anyone. You may have decided on this option for yourself until you started your recovery and learned that you would have to share your experience, strength, and hope for a chance to stay sober. Although recovery is based on rigorous honesty, that does not necessarily mean that you will need to blast your story to anyone who will listen. You only need to share the parts of your story that you feel comfortable sharing with those who can relate and may be looking for guidance with substance abuse. By doing so, you give yourself a better chance at staying sober.

Never forget

By keeping the memory of your substance use alive, your past becomes an asset to remember what you were like under the influence. Even if you were a daily blackout and pass out substance abuser, you may not remember the exact circumstances of your actions, but you will remember the inner turmoil you felt. You never have to feel that way again if you so choose.

Share in a general way

Discuss the cliff notes of your story to someone who may need some hope in their recovery. The beauty of sharing the trials and tribulations that relate to your substance use and then how you got sober could be the very seed that is planted to encourage someone else to get the ball rolling in their recovery. When you are able to share the truth of what you went through, you are able to be of service in a way that you may not have even fathomed - with humiliating incidents turning into humility.

Be a guiding force

Although your story may feel negative to share with others, you are really giving out a positive vibe in what it was like and what it is like now. Recovery is not always an easy path to go down, but the optimism that you can give out with your story and how you are recovering from substance abuse can give someone else the hope they need to get and stay sober.

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