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Why Vaping is Not as Cool as Your Teen May Think

The electronic cigarette has been gaining momentum in becoming hip and popular with teens for years. The aftermath of use has been shown to be dangerous and habitual. Vaping has become more prevalent among teens because they think they are cool by using an electronic cigarette. Vaping uses an apparatus which houses different flavors of vape juice along with nicotine that is used to inhale the juice. Once a person exhales the juice and it vaporizes, a colossal stream of smoke will billow out of their mouth which may appeal to teens with the look of being cool.  The different flavors of juice may also be a point of interest to the youngsters that may want to see what vaping tastes like. The truth of the matter - vaping has not been around long enough to see what the outcome will be due to the lack of efficacy clinical trials in place. There is no long-term research that shows the effects that vaping has on adults or on kids for that matter but there are vaping use treatment programs that will help your adolescent. Cigarettes did not get a bad reputation until nearly 50-60 years after they were sold to the public and electronic cigarettes could be in the same boat because vaping produces a byproduct from nicotine and carcinogens that could prove to be harmful in the long-run.

Vapes contain formaldehyde

This carcinogenic substance is used to make household products and building materials along with embalming the bodies of the deceased for viewing during a funeral. If your teen were to use a vape, formaldehyde would emit from their mouth along with other chemicals such as nicotine and additional carcinogens that could be hazardous to them.  

Vapes are creating wet lung

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or wet lung, is the result of an allergic reaction to chemicals or dust that cause inflammation in the lungs. Putting the vapors into someone's lungs may pose a danger with the potential of wet lung that has begun to materialize in people that are vaping.

Vapes can become habitual

Many people have used a vaping pen to taper off the use of cigarettes by replacing it with vaping. Although the jury is still out on whether vaping is an addiction due to the novelty of the product, research has shown that vaping can become as habitual as a smoking a cigarette due to the nicotine and the oral fixation that both possess. At this point, though, vaping continues to be considered as the lesser of two evils. Although vaping is a well-established industry, more teens are jumping on the bandwagon with the attraction of vaping as teens learn about electronics cigarettes from their friends. Your best bet as the parent of a teen is to learn what you can to help your them understand the dangers that vaping can cause.  

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