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Will Holistic Therapy Work for My Teenager?

Therapy in today's world has become more extensive in what has been offered professionally in the past. The general image of therapy usually consists of a patient lying on a couch trying to articulate their feelings while a therapist sits close by listening. While that traditional model of therapy has worked for decades, holistic therapy has become front row and center in improving the modality of therapy for a substance abuse disorder or mental health issues in teens. When treating adolescents for dual diagnosis, medication is often the last resort to offer someone who has not responded well to other methods of treatment. Cognitive-behavior therapy does not always work with teenagers who are often already closed off to becoming vulnerable to yet another adult who they feel will not understand them. This is where holistic therapy begun to take large strides in the ability to help those teens who did not adapt to the conventional ways that adults were treated for substance abuse. A holistic approach to optimal teen mental health includes treating the body, the mind, and the soul as one complete entity. The essence to holistic therapy is combining these three elements in a human to bind them together through self-compassion and get better results in healing. There is an abundance of activities that are used for holistic therapy. Art therapy, adventure and nature therapy, meditation, music therapy, equine therapy, martial arts, aromatherapy, and the list could go on and on. Using one a of these body-based therapies has yielded good results in resolving deep-rooted trauma and abuse a person has experienced in their past. The negative ordeal may have already been unintentionally suppressed, but holistic therapists believe the negativity remains in the cells and tissues of these individuals causing them inadvertently to act out through substance abuse and mental illness. By using holistic therapy, adversity is better addressed by learning unconditional love and respect for the body, the mind, and the soul. Parents may be cautious when using what they consider to be atypical therapy because they have not yet seen the results of holistic therapy. Trying whatever it takes to get your teenager to open up and receive treatment that will work specifically for their substance abuse or mental health issues is imperative. Many parents have run out of options, so giving holistic therapy a shot may inevitably give their family the peace that they have been searching for. Holistic therapy can heal the wounds of the past by promoting calmness and caring for oneself through therapeutic action which is the key to renewable, long-term recovery.

If your adolescent is suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues, Stonewater is built on the passion to help adolescents find comprehensible treatment. Our evidence-based programming and experimental therapies offer adolescents a way to choose healthy and positive lives going forward.

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