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Will I Ever Be Grateful for My Sobriety?

Being a teen who is sober may seem like a curse to you at first. You have to stop going to places and being with people who can trigger a relapse which means finding new places and people to network with. During your teenage years, especially, this can seem unfair when everyone else appears to be doing what they want to. For this reason alone, you may get super resentful at your sobriety. If you were to put things into perspective, however, on why you should be grateful for your sobriety, you may be pleasantly surprised for what you are in for. When you were drinking and using you were probably a hot mess who was losing friends left and right and damaging your reputation at school a little at a time. Now that you are sober, here are some valid reasons to be grateful for your sobriety.

You will learn who your true friends are.

Instead of hanging out with the fake friends with who you used and drank with, you can hang out with others who are sober making new friends to make up your recovery support network. Yes, this may seem scary to possibly start over, but having fun and sober friends who get your drift is worth rebuilding your connections.

You can have a positive impact on someone else.

Remember back to when your consequences got so high with your substance abuse and how you felt trapped? Imagine if one of your friends was going through the same thing and saw how free you are now that you are sober and needed help. Wouldn't you want to help them? Staying sober means you can be the example of what happens when you make the effort to turn your life around.

You can have fun without regret.

Sobriety is fun once you get into acceptance of it. You will no longer be embarrassed by social media posts that implicate your under-the-influence bad behavior, come to from a blackout wondering what you did, or worry about getting in trouble at school or with the law that could alter the plans you had for your future. Sobriety is not always pink clouds although recovery is certainly much better than what you were doing drunk or high. If you were to write a pro and cons list on why you should stay sober, undoubtedly the goodwill weighs out the bad on why you should stay sober one day at a time.

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