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Will I Get in Trouble if I Supply Alcohol to My Teen and Their Friends?

Experimenting with alcohol is nothing new with teens who are in high school. For decades, alcohol has been alluring to teens who wish to be under the influence from peer pressure or seeing those around them getting loopy. Many parents think that if they supply their teens with alcohol that they can monitor their use and keep them from getting into any trouble. By managing their teen in their own home and preventing the teen from driving or from other risky activities, some parents are under the impression that they can shield their kid from the negative consequences that alcohol can bring on. Even with parental supervision, teens do not have the comprehension as to what could happen to them when they are intoxicated. Giving an adolescent the opportunity to feel the effects of alcohol could make them want to come back for more especially in a developing teen brain. The pleasure center of the brain matures much quicker than that of the prefrontal cortex where decision making takes places causing teens to be more susceptible to alcohol abuse. A report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) claims that there are approximately 10 million underage drinkers in the United States. Among that number includes 6.5 million teenage binge drinkers and 2 million teenage heavy drinkers who could potentially have substance abuse issues. Research shows that a teen under the age of 15 who consumes alcohol are 5 times more likely to develop an addiction than those who do not. Alcohol is legal for 21 and up for a reason because alcohol is still considered a drug within medical terms.   The other thing to consider when you buy alcohol for consumption for your teen and their friends in an attempt to provide a safe environment, is that you could be on the line for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Not only could you be in jeopardy, your teen could also get in trouble for giving another teen alcohol especially if they harm others or themselves. The truth is that providing alcohol within your parental guidelines does not stop addiction or anything else that could happen to a teen who was introduced to alcohol by you. Weighing out the pros and cons of underage drinking is important, so you can figure out whether allowing underage drinking as a chill parent will do more harm than good.

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