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World Mental Health Day - Why It Could Be So Important for Your Teen

Mental health disorders are prevalent in people around the world. This year's World Mental Health Day (WMHDay) which is observed on October 10th every year will focus its efforts on young people worldwide and their mental health. With social media and streaming devices, teens see more of the world's problems up close and personal more than ever before. Not to mention the stressors that they encounter right in their own backyards. Bullying, cyberbullying, school shootings, substance abuse, and suicide are all circumstances that cause trauma and bring about anxiety to unsuspecting teens. Mental distress can be better avoided by knowing the early warning signs and symptoms. By having coping skills in place, adolescents can better deal with everyday challenges that can be more difficult with a mental health disorder. Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14 although most of these cases go under the radar and stay untreated. 1 in 5 of the cases continue to live with their condition without knowing what it really is or how to combat it. Having awareness with a mental health disorder that is often degraded as weak or crazy, can keep someone from being willing to get treatment despite the mental and physical torture they continue to endure with no reprieve. With television shows eluding to shock treatment and being put in a padded cell, teens should realize that the treatment they need will be much simpler than they may have imagined. Rehabilitation centers and therapy have both been proven to have a successful track records to help the sufferers who are willing to get some relief.   This is why WMHDay has become such an important event for people with mental illness. This day is for people everywhere in the world to come together and advocate against the social stigma and proclaim loud and clear that someone who has a mental health disorder is not alone. Teens do not need to feel alienated or burdened but rather get the help that is being offered. Since our youth are the future, the 2018 WMHDay campaign is being called Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World. Taking a stand for the young people and demanding more for their future can be the very thing that will assist the next generation to grow up with a better chance of understanding their mental health better than ever before.

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