ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a common issue among children and teens. This condition usually begins in childhood and can carry on into adulthood. If the person with this condition does not know how to manage the symptoms, they may struggle in school and work. However, ADHD doesn’t mean that your loved one is helpless. Instead, it means that they need assistance from an ADHD treatment program. This treatment can help your loved one get a handle on their condition and manage it so that they can function in everyday life. In short, ADHD treatment as part of adolescent dual diagnosis treatment at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center can help your loved one.

Who Needs an ADHD Treatment Program?ADHD Treatment Program

According to recent research, ADHD is one of the most common mental health conditions in the United States. Over 6.4 million children have received this diagnosis, and boys are nearly three times more likely to struggle with it than girls. 

Most of the time, symptoms of ADHD appear between the ages of 3 and 6. Many children get diagnosed by the time they are seven years old. There is a range of symptoms that may lead to this diagnosis, including: 

  • An inability to pay attention
  • Experiencing difficulty completing responsibilities at home
  • Absentmindedness
  • Often forgetting or losing things 
  • Trouble getting along with other people
  • Inability to take turns
  • Squirming or fidgeting when they need to sit still

If your child struggles with ADHD, their teachers may struggle to help them in school. They may also have been disciplined for behavioral issues. If this is the case for your loved one, finding an exceptional ADHD treatment and a teen mental health treatment program is critical. 

At Stonewater, we understand the impact ADHD can have on a person’s life, and we want to help your loved one manage the symptoms. As a result, we offer a wide range of therapy programs, which can help him control his symptoms. For instance, our therapy programs include: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Experiential therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Music Therapy

We will tailor your loved one’s treatment to his needs, so he receives the treatment that is right for him. 

Moreover, we will make sure that your loved one doesn’t fall behind in school. With our boys’ school program, we offer him the opportunity to keep up and excel in his schoolwork, so that when he returns to his regular school, he will be prepared to succeed. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment as Part of Our ADHD Treatment Program

Many boys find themselves turning to substance use to self-medicate the symptoms of ADHD. However, if they only get treatment for ADHD and continue to use substances, they risk acquiring another mental illness. Conversely, if they only get treatment for the substance use, their unhampered ADHD symptoms return, and they risk relapsing. Therefore, finding an adolescent treatment program that combines ADHD treatment and substance use treatment is critical. During our dual diagnosis treatment program, we help your teen manage both conditions. As a result, he will have healthy coping mechanisms to rely upon after treatment. As part of our dual diagnosis treatment program, we offer: 

  • Alcohol use treatment
  • Heroin use treatment
  • Cocaine use treatment
  • Marijuana use treatment
  • Prescription pill use treatment

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At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we are committed to helping your teen loved one overcome their ADHD so that they can thrive. Through a combination of holistic and evidence-based therapies, as well as dual diagnosis treatment, your teen can learn how to control their ADHD. To learn more about our ADHD treatment program, or to enroll your loved one at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, contact us today at 662.373.2828