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3 Ways Peer Pressure Can Be a Positive Influence

In a perfect world, your children will only surround themselves with peers who are good influences, and in return, they'll be a good influence on others. But, the reality is that peer pressure will have both negative and positive effects. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we work to" flip the script" and show teens how peer pressure can be a positive influence. By fostering positive peer pressure, teens focus on being a force for good in their social group, rather than feeling the pressure to do things they know are wrong. With your help, your teenager can be a positive peer influence. Contact Stonewater at 662.373.2828 to learn more.

What is Positive Peer Pressure?

If it's the first time you're hearing that peer pressure can be positive, you're not alone. The reality is that peer pressure isn't just about teenagers encouraging each other to take risks or engage in unhealthy behavior. There are also many positive things about peer pressure that can make it a good influence on your teenager and their friends' lives. Positive peer pressure is when someone's peers influence them to do something positive that helps them grow as a person. For example, a peer with a commitment to doing well academically or excelling at their sport can inspire others to make similar goals. This encouragement can extend to being a positive social and emotional influence and promote kindness, loyalty, and support for others.

Positive Influences of Peer Pressure

Advice from a peer can often be more influential to a teenager than advice from an adult. At Stonewater, your son will benefit from both peer interaction through group therapies, as well as one on one professional help from our expert treatment team. We aim to equip your child with the tools to be a good influence, as well as to recognize how to take advantage of positive peer pressure themselves. Your teen can be a positive influence on others by:

1. Recognizing the Effect that Their Behavior Has on Others

While your teen may be watching how others act and do, you can help by reminding them that their friends are watching them too. So, acting with confidence and good judgment means others can go a long way in setting a positive tone amongst peers.

2. Identifying the Type of Friends They Want to Have

Please talk with your child about their own values and what they value in a friend. You can also encourage them to seek out friends with similar values to their own.

3. Seeking Positive Role Models to Encourage Their Interests

A role model can provide powerful peer pressure or influence. Support them as they explore what they consider to be good role models. Please encourage your child to identify traits from their role models that they would like to see in themselves.

Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center to Learn More

Teenagers are more susceptible to the influence of a crowd or their friends than adults are. While they are learning about their social place and their identity, they are subconsciously looking to others to see how they act. On the flip side, the way your teen acts can influence their friends as well. Positive influences can go a long way towards aiding your son's recovery. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we will work with your son to promote only positive peer influences as part of his treatment. In addition, we offer a variety of therapy options to help your son through his treatment. Contact us at 662.373.2828 today to learn more about our clinical and holistic approach to treatment and recovery.