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5 Benefits of Teen Detox Programs

Addiction treatment for teenagers with substance problems can be highly effective and allow them to get their young lives back on track. Furthermore, detox can save lives. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all cure, the time spent at addiction treatment centers is a wake-up call to teens who don't realize the dangers of their substance abuse. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we help teens to heal their bodies, minds, and spirits. It also allows them to better understand that sobriety is part of a happier and healthier long-term lifestyle. To learn more about the benefits of detox at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, call 662.373.2828 today.

Detox Program Benefits

Abuse of drugs or alcohol can do severe damage to the teenage brain. Treatment not only keeps them away from the environments that encourage drug or alcohol use. In addition, our medical and holistic approach helps get an addict's brain back in shape. Teen-specific detox programs have many benefits, including:

Breaking the Cycle

No matter their age, those who struggle with substance use need to be in a substance-free environment with people who will hold them accountable. Detox will help your teen rid his body of the drugs and treat any withdrawal symptoms. Detox is the first step towards breaking the cycle. The additional counseling, therapies, and activities below will complement medical detox to set your teen up for long-term recovery.

Learning More

Once substance-free, your teen will have the ability to think more clearly and educate himself more about his addiction. Learning about addiction means gaining insight into the people, events, experiences, and habits that can trigger drugs and alcohol cravings. Treatment centers help teens explore those triggers so that they can better recognize and avoid them when they transition back into daily life.

Digging Deep

There are many reasons teens get addicted to drugs. Therefore, it's essential to take a close look at each person's experience and gain insight into what draws them towards their substance of choice. It could be to cope with stress, deal with peer pressure, block out painful emotions, or overcompensate for a physical injury. Our treatment team helps teens dig into these underlying issues, make sense of them, and help your teen build new coping skills.

Building New Habits

Many teens who abuse substances have poor discipline and self-care habits. A critical part of self-care for recovery is setting and accomplishing goals. Setting goals is challenging for most people, let alone those in recovery. The repetitive cycle of wanting to change habits but continually falling short is characteristic of those with addiction. Detox programs can help teens set short and long-term goals in the areas most important to a healthy recovery, like physical and emotional health, relationships, work, and spiritual aspirations.

Setting Boundaries

It's often difficult for teens to create healthy relationship boundaries with their family and friends. To make matters more complicated, healthy relationship boundaries are often skewed between teens and their families when addiction is part of the equation. Because of these poorly defined boundaries, families tend to go into survival mode and assume roles to help cope with stress. While the roles can temporarily lessen stress, they can increase confusion and anxiety because they never deal with the underlying issues. At Stonewater, setting healthy boundaries is an integral part of treatment and recovery.

Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center Today

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center provides both clinically and holistically structured programs to assist with withdrawal management. We've designed our programs to accommodate the needs of teenagers specifically. Taking the first step in removing the toxic chemicals out of the body allows our team to treat the whole person. We offer detox services for a wide array of addictions, including: Call our team at 662.373.2828 today to start the road to recovery for you or a loved one.