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5 Surprising Signs of Teen Drug Use & How to Find a Therapist Online

5 uncommon signs of drug addiction in teens

It can be difficult for many parents to see their teen spiral into drug addiction. Their mood changes and they seem like different people.

Remember, drug addiction can hit anyone and it is not a sign of bad parenting. It is a disease and a medical condition.

There are many signs that a teen might be addicted to drugs. Some of them are obvious such as finding drugs or health problems. Others are not as obvious but also indicate teen drug use. Here are some surprising signs of teen drug use and how to find help.

New Friends

Teens often have many friends. Some start at a young age, others develop in new schools or a child takes on new activities. Most time, they are harmless and can become lifelong relationships. Other times it can be signs of drug use.

If your child is hanging out with a new group of friends, one that seemed to come out of nowhere and might seem different than other friends, it could be a sign they have fallen into a group that uses drugs.

Missing School

Along with new friends, many teens struggling with drug addiction will see their performance slip in school. They might have been a good student, but now they are suddenly getting bad grades. They also might be missing school entirely. Chasing the next high can distract us from responsibilities, and that includes school.

If your teen starts racking up absences, it could be a sign of drug use.

Sudden Mood Swings

Many teens deal with emotional changes throughout puberty. It can lead to changes in emotion and personality. They are dealing with new hormones and feelings. But sudden and emotional outbursts can be a sign of drug use. If your teen seems to frequently snap out of nowhere, it might be time to talk to them about the situation.


Most teens will take risks as they learn about themselves, their interests and push boundaries. It can be a normal part of teen development, even if it’s scary. But most risk-taking is rather safe such as taking up an extreme sport, going skydiving or starting a new romantic relationship.

A sign of drug use can be increased risk-taking, and some is extremely dangerous. It could be driving at excessive speeds or experimenting with high amounts of drugs.

Unusual Smells

Many parents who suspect drug use will notice weird smells on their teens or coming from their room. That can often be the smell of various drugs that the teen doesn’t even realize got on clothing. They have gotten so used to the smell they don’t notice it, even if it is strong.

Bad smells can also be the sign of poor hygiene. That is often the sign of a drug addiction. A teen might stop taking care of themselves and that can lead to unusual smells.

How To Find Help

If you suspect your teen of being addicted to drugs, there are plenty of people that want to help. That includes therapists who can be found online. Therapy can be a way to find teens to address their addiction and start recovery. Most health insurance plans can provide information on therapists who take the insurance.

Out staff at Stonewater can also talk to you or your teen about treatment options and their addiction. They can start their sober life today!