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Do You Have to Pay for Adolescent Treatment if You Have Cigna Insurance?

Medical insurance ensures you can receive treatment and care during life’s most frightening moments. Yet, if your child needs adolescent treatment for mental health challenges or substance use, will they be able to get the care they need? Families with Cigna health insurance will find that the carrier provides excellent coverage in many cases. If you have a Cigna plan, this is what you need to know about potential costs — and how to cover them.

Understanding Cigna Insurance 

Cigna has been one of the leading health insurance companies in the United States for more than 150 years. With tens of millions of subscribers, they offer dozens of different health insurance plans for individuals and families. One characteristic that unites those plans, however, is that they must all cover mental health and behavioral health treatment. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has required all insurers to do so since 2010. So, you can be sure that if your medical services are covered, Cigna will cover your mental health services at least in part as well.

Residential Treatment for Adolescents: Can You Use Cigna Insurance?

Cigna typically covers residential treatment for adolescents in some form. Of course, there are plans with limitations, but many families with Cigna will find that part of their treatment is covered. There may be restrictions as to what kind of treatment your child can get or where the facility may be — all of which can be clarified by verifying your insurance.

Verifying Your Insurance Benefits

The only way to get an accurate picture of your financial responsibilities is to verify your benefits. Verifying your benefits means checking your coverage with Cigna. To do so, you can call Cigna customer service for more information. Or, you can provide your insurance details to our team, and we’ll contact Cigna for you. 

Then, we’ll walk you through all of the details of your plan and what you can expect to pay: from deductibles to copays, out-of-pocket funds, and more. If there are any restrictions you should know about, we’ll flag those to you as well.

Although Cigna offers coverage for adolescent treatment, limitations can include limits on your treatment incidents, length of stay restrictions, or licensing requirements. If it affects your child’s treatment options, we’ll explain it and help you find a solution.

Financial Assistance  for Adolescent Treatment

In many cases, Cigna does not cover the total cost of treatment. All insurance companies require subscribers to pay some form of deductible, copay, or out-of-pocket maximum to ensure they are not abusing their coverage. If you still have to contribute funds to treatment after your insurance company’s contribution, there are many possible paths forward. For example, adolescent treatment financing may help you split the cost of treatment into several manageable payments. Scholarships and grants from community organizations can also help reduce your cost.

Paying for Adolescent Treatment with Cigna Insurance

Paying for adolescent treatment with Cigna insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Verify your insurance to understand what you must pay, and our experts can help you figure out a plan to cover the balance through financing, community support, or even family and friends.

All it takes is one click or call. Our team is experienced in working with both insurance companies and families and can help you navigate the admissions process to ensure that your child receives the best possible care — and you can get your child back better.