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Does Childhood ADHD Lead To Adulthood ADHD?

Maybe they'll grow out of it , we often tell ourselves. Maybe it's just a ‘phase'. Such is the tragic state of discount teenagers and adolescents regularly have to face. Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, addiction, and alcoholism are frequently overlooked by grownups. Passed off and turned over as kids being kids teens being teens and phases having an expiration, parents routinely dismiss and condescendingly disregard the authentic emotional experiences of their children. Mental health issues like ADHD can sometimes be grown out of as children learn how to manage, organize, and discipline their lives. For most mental health disorders, however, there isn't a ‘cure' or an indication that legitimate diagnoses simply go away as a child grows up. Some most certainly do when they are more behaviorally based. When there is a biological, chemical imbalance, on the other hand, conditions might stand. Addiction and alcoholism, for example, have no ‘cure'. A child who has developed addiction in their youth have a unique opportunity to attend a treatment program like the ones offered at Stonewater Recovery Center and build a foundation of recovery that follows them into their adult lives. Adaptive, effective coping strategies and life skills can mean that symptoms of struggles are manageable in adulthood and will not cause the same disruptive patterns as they did in youth. The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry found that 60 percent of children in a study of over 550 children had symptoms of ADHD into adulthood, reports US News & World Report . However, growth, development, hormone changes, and changes in life circumstances could change the presentation of ADHD symptoms. Restlessness and impulsivity in childhood might translate to a difficulty in focus and lack of organization in adulthood. The symptoms of ADHD have a long list of variety that are different for each person. To best improve the possible outcomes for your child and their ADHD, it is important to help them build skills that help them manage their energy, their thoughts, their feelings, and their life. If your child has found drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the unmanageable feelings of ADHD, there is an ADHD treatment program available.

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