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How to Manage Social Media

Social media is the latest way that we interact with one another. Of course, different people use social media for different things. However, the trends are increasing, and the use is increasing. Social media use among the young is on the rise, and they are using social media at a younger age. There is no leveling off or decline in sight. It is something that you have to manage, leading many people to wonder how to manage social media. For more information about how to manage your teen's social media during recovery, contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today.

How to Manage Social Media and My Recovery

Learning how to manage social media with recovery is essential. Social media may have been a factor in why your teen started to use alcohol and drugs in the first place. Today, teenagers are seeing other teenagers act "wildly" on social media. Michigan State University recently completed a study to see the responses of teenagers to Facebook advertising. The researchers showed a portion of the participants advertising for bottled water while they showed the other portion beer advertisements. Then, in the end, the researchers offered both groups either a gift certificate to a bar or a coffee shop. You guessed it, the participants who witnessed the beer advertising opted for the bar gift certificate with higher frequency than their counterparts. Advertising affects every human being. However, teenagers are more vulnerable to suggestion than adults. It is a matter of brain maturation. Unfortunately, advertisers take advantage of this, and teenagers are suffering as a result.

How to Manage Social Media for Teenagers is Critical

During treatment, a professional treatment team will determine your child's social media interaction. Initially, there will be none. However, because of our individualized approach, we never say never. Everyone's situation is different. Some people may need total removal of social media for the entirety of their stay, while others will not. Teens will learn how to manage social media appropriately upon release from Stonewater Recovery. Each person that comes to Stonewater Recovery receives unique treatment. We take the time to get to know your teenager before we treat him. We appreciate the impressionable stage that your teenager's in, and we want to get them back to normal with professional efficiency, grace, experience, and an individualized treatment plan.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

We are proud of the fact that you can opt for a faith-centered approach to treatment. We do not force our faith on any of our residents. However, our founders have experienced teen drug use in their families first hand. As a result, they know what it took for their family to become whole again. We also have individualized programming available, geared toward guiding your teen to remember and relish their youth, resilience, and innocence again. We offer a variety of programs, including:

Having Fun is a Part of Growing Up

At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the social media world. However, we also know that when a teen learns how to manage their social media usage, they can overcome tremendous obstacles. However, in order to do so, it may be better to reach out to an adolescent treatment center. Currently, our program only treats adolescent males. Our treatment center is family-owned, and we take insurances of all kinds. We recognize that children like to have fun, and it is an essential part of the treatment. Toward that end, we have all types of therapy focused programming, including yoga, art, and equine. Call us at 662.373.2828 today to start your journey to health and happiness.