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It Isn’t ‘Just Pot’: Dangers of Teen Marijuana Use & 5 Warning Signs

What are the dangers of teen pot use?

Marijuana use seems to be popping up everywhere. Recreational use is now legal in more than a dozen states. More communities are looking to make the drug legal, and federal officials are considering the same. It seems to be on the fast track to “normal.”

Don’t be fooled, pot can have serious impacts on teens that last a lifetime. It is even possible to develop a marijuana use disorder, where the consumption of pot consumes your life.

It is never “just pot,” so if you decide to partake, understand that marijuana use in teens comes with risks. There are also some signs that a use disorder might be developing.

Marijuana Use In Teens

About 37% of teens reported using marijuana at least once in their lifetime and 22% said they used it in the last month, according to federal data. The numbers are increasing in young teens rapidly as well. But the important thing to remember is that 37% means more than 6 in 10 teens say they have never tried pot. So it’s perfectly acceptable to pass on trying it and you don’t have to feel like you are different or not part of a crowd.

For teens, marijuana use can have significant health impacts. The teen brain is still developing and THC, the ingredient in marijuana that gets you high, can stunt the growth. In fact, it can lead to a loss of IQ points that can never be recovered.

Pot use has also been linked to mental health issues in teens, such as depression and social anxiety, according to health experts.

Signs Of A Use Disorder

There are some signs for teens and parents that a marijuana use disorder might be developing, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The use becomes constant and impacts other aspects of life, which is when a teen needs help breaking the cycle of addiction.

One classic sign of a substance use disorder is when a teen tries to stop using pot but can’t. They might stop for a short period of time and then go back to using the drug.

Another sign is that they continue to use pot even though it is causing problems at home or school. It could lead to lower grades and distancing from friends or family. Even with the issues, if a teen keeps using, it could be a substance use disorder.

A third is that a teen continues to use marijuana despite relationship problems. They might have trouble with a significant other or a parent, but they continue to use the drug anyway.

When a teen has to use more and more pot to get the same high, it is also a sign of a substance use disorder. They have used pot so frequently that their body has gotten used to the drug and needs more to get the same high.

A fifth sign is that the teen uses marijuana during high-risk situations, such as driving a car. That is when marijuana use can’t be stopped even to complete normal activities.

All of them, and plenty more, are signs of a marijuana use disorder. It’s clear then that it is not “just pot” in teens and they need help. If you or a loved one suffers from constant marijuana use, feel free to reach out to us at Stonewater to start the recovery process today.