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What to Look for in a Rehab Program for Your Teen

teen rehab program
Addiction affects teenagers differently from how it affects adults. The treatment for adults and teens, therefore, varies. So, when looking for a rehab program for the teen, you will have to consider some factors. The factors may vary from patient to patient. Everyone has their own unique needs. But some of these requirements are universal. For instance, we all need a teen rehab program that has all the necessary facilities. Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center offers rehab services for teens. Contact our facilities today at 662.373.2828 for tips on how to select the best center for your teen.

Qualification of the Personnel

Addiction is a complex mental health disorder. It requires the services of mental health professionals to help in the recovery process. When selecting a mental health facility, you should confirm the qualifications of the personnel. Make sure that they have attended all the course work necessary for practicing their trade. You will also need to verify that the medics have accreditation from the relevant state and federal bodies.

Level of Specialization

Mental health facilities have different treatment plans. Some offer general treatment plans for every patient. Others break down these treatment plans to suit particular demography. It is more prudent to enroll a teen in an institution that offers adolescent addiction recovery services. Such a center dedicates its resources to teens only. The likelihood of their care being effective is thus higher.

Support Services

Addiction recovery is a long journey. Patients will need some form of support even after they complete a rehab program. Additionally, teen rehab programs need to take into account that even the patients need to continue with their schooling as they get treatment. It would also be best if you prioritized facilities that offer aftercare recovery programs for teens.

Cost of Treatment

Quality mental health facilities will ask for more service fees. You can arrange with your insurance provider to subsidize the treatment cost. However, other mental health facilities do not charge exorbitant fees. They can also be great substitutes. Be wary of overly sweet deals. Some institutions charge less because they do not have the proper infrastructure and personnel to effectively handle addiction cases.

Success Rate of a Center

How successful a center has been in treating addiction cases can act as a pointer to its effectiveness. Go for reputable centers with a good record of treating patients. If you notice that many people are complaining about a center, it is better to reconsider your options. You can tell if a center is successful by reading reviews from former patients.

Treatment at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

The center specializes in treating addiction among adolescents. We have drug detox services that can help teens rid their bodies of drug chemicals before they enroll for treatment. This detox monitors their progress to ensure the teens are safe throughout the process. Our treatment plans include:
  • Marijuana use treatment program: The program tackles marijuana dependence among teens.
  • Alcohol use treatment program: Under this program, you can receive treatment at the facility. Therapies are available to increase the recovery rate.
  • Heroin use treatment program: Heroin is one of the common opioids that people struggle with, and it can have deadly side effects. Getting treatment is vital.
  • Prescription drug use treatment program: Many doctors are quick to prescribe medications, which can lead to addiction if they do not receive the proper monitoring. Prescription drug use treatment is vital for their long-term recovery.

Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center to Enroll in a Rehab Program Today

Addiction can be devastating for teens. It ruins their chances of making their lives meaningful. Fortunately, addiction is treatable. A teen rehab program can effectively cure addictions among teens. If you have a teen who needs addiction treatment services, contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center at 662.373.2828. Our rehab programs will turn the life of your teenager around for the better.