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4 False Statements Parents Tell Themselves About Adolescent Substance Use

Substance use is a cunning, baffling, powerful, and insidious disease. Too often, the sentiments of adolescence can skew a parent's perception of developing a chemical dependency. Unfortunately, substance use is a rising problem in teens and adolescents. If you or a loved one is telling yourselves false statements about adolescent substance use, it's essential to recognize the problem for what it is. Then, you can get the help you or your loved one needs. If you're a parent and your child needs the professional help of an adolescent substance use treatment center, get help by calling Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today.

Not My Kids

Substance use happens to other people, in different households where there are problems. Your kids are good kids and would never do such a thing as use drugs and alcohol, let alone become chemically dependent on them. No, mental illness will not occur in your house. Unfortunately, mental illness and substance use happen wherever it pleases. Terrifying to parents is the idea that despite their best efforts, devoted love, and faithful upbringing of their children, the temptation might still hit. Children turn into adolescents and teens and experiment with drugs and alcohol. Additionally, a child may have the right genetic disposition, a secondary mental health disorder, or fall into the draw of chemical dependency. As a result, substance use is a possibility. This condition knows no socioeconomic limits or divides, no racism, and no religion.

They Know They Should Do It At Home

Assuming the inevitable, many parents try to create a safe space for experimenting with drugs and alcohol at home. Assumptions are dangerous. In addition to assuming your child will experiment with drugs and alcohol, you are assuming that because they experiment at home, they won't experiment outside of the home. This assumption is commonly proven to be false. Using drugs and alcohol at home is commonly taken to mean that using drugs and alcohol is okay. Underage drinking and drug use is illegal, no matter your good intentions, and allowing this at home can send a confusing message to adolescents.

Experimenting Isn't A Problem

They tried it once or twice. You found them drunk in the basement with their friends. You discovered a bag of pot and were told it's the first time it's ever happened. Research has found that early intervention is the best solution for long term substance use. Experimenting can always become a problem.

It's Under Control

Substance use is defined by unmanageability. More specifically, this term is defined by the illusion of manageability. Such maintenance is often short-lived. I've got it under control is a lie that many adults who struggle with drugs and alcohol tell themselves about their drinking and using. Like a fire, it is never safe to assume substance use is contained until it has been completely put out. All it takes is a brief wind of temptation to encourage that remaining ember to glow strongly enough and create a flame.

Get Help at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is dedicated to helping adolescents build a foundation for their life upon which the work and healing of recovery will form them into a leader as an adult. Therefore, if you're a parent and parent and adolescent substance use is becoming a problem, we can help. Each of our patients receives a highly individualized treatment plan which includes clinical therapy, supplemental healing, and caring relationships with each of our staff.  We provide both holistic and evidence-based treatments for your teen or adolescent, including: Our commitment is to you and your child. Call Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center at 662.373.2828 today for more information on our programs offered in North Mississippi.